DuckDuckGo (DDG) is a well-known Internet search engine designed for protecting the privacy of users and avoiding the filter bubble in the customized search results. This search engine is different from other search engines by showing every user the same result for a given search term and not profiting its users in any situation. The name of the company DuckDuckGo is a reference to the popular children’s game Duck, Duck, Goose. Search engines in recent years have evolved in the best possible ways to assist all users to find information they require devoid of accessing so many websites.

Many people worldwide make use of the Google search engine. However, they get some problems such as not uniform results. They search for an alternative search engine with an aim to overcome these limitations. They can pay attention to reviews of the DDG and make certain how this privacy-focused search engine makes them happy. This search engine is designed to show the same result for a particular search term to every user. This search engine is different from Google as Google filters search results as per the sites people visit. Many men and women make use of this search engine in their browser as the default search engine to search something useful without delay and complexity.

Instant answers from the search engine DuckDuckGo impress all new and regular users. This search engine does not customize the search results. There is a great community of qualified and dedicated developers behind this search engine. This community regularly adds new and first-class resources for answers. You may think about the main things DDG can do and Google cannot do at this time. The following details explain you such things.

Social media bio

DDG lets users to see the social media profiles of others devoid of leaving this search engine. You can search for any social media profile and get such profile information on the same page. If you want to access the profile information of the Google+ user, then you can type G+ and the name of the user in this search engine. You will get an instant access to the profile information as expected. Users of this search engine are also happy about an easy way to use the website’s own search functions. This facility lets users to search inside other websites.

App store search, alternatives to apps

Any user of the DDG can search for the app and get an instant access to a list of apps with similar names. They get the complete details about all such apps and use such details to make a better-informed decision. For users browsing hookup apps and free sex meet sites, the privacy is invaluable. They are satisfied with a neat carousel every time they use this search engine.

Shorten and expand links

Users of the DuckDuckGo can shorten and expand links based on their convenience. They feel comfortable and save time when they properly use these facilities associated with links.

Generate passwords

Many people these days are unable to think strong password. They can generate passwords by using this search engine and get strong passwords.